Apple, the oh-so-prideful of its security measures company, fell victim to malware that compromised hundreds of iOS apps over the weekend (19-20 Sept. 2015). No surprise here to yours truly that the vast majority were apps from China!

Apple has revealed that malware found its way into the App Store on a mass scale after several of China’s most popular apps were infected with code that could snoop on iOS devices and steal passwords. The breach is bad news for Apple, which uses its security as a major selling point and has stiff competition in the lucrative Chinese market.

The big question right now is who is responsible for the leak, and whether there is a strong likelihood it will happen again. Seems that virtually no one is asking the question we shall ask right here…

Is it just a coincidence this happened when we take into account the FACT that with the recent release of iOS 9 the other day, Apple is swaggering down the boot-licking path to not only the so-called “Chinese Market”, but more importantly the über-controlers in Beijing?

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple claims the hack happened as a result of developers using an unofficial, compromised version of its developer kit. Meanwhile, Chinese Internet giant Tencent issued a report of its own saying the infected Xcode kit was being circulated on several web forums for the better part of six months. About 350 apps were infected by the compromised version, including messaging service WeChat and the ride-hailing app created by Didi Kuaidi, the Uber competitor that recently teamed up with Lyft. Apple has since taken down the apps in question.

The malware, first reported on Chinese social-networking site Sina Weibo, was later confirmed by security researchers from Alibaba, according to reports. It isn’t clear how the apps passed Apple’s stringent code review. Apple could not be immediately reached for comment.

Personally, I’m not a fan of coincidences. Rather, I empirically understand that much of the world, especially big business and their cronies in big government, operate on Conspiracy FACT. So, just maybe this is Apple’s most effective method of meeting Beijing’s frantic demands for access to all the encryption keys for communication devices?