Escape the Status-Quo

There comes a point for businesses large and small, where it’s simply time to break from establishment thinking and “business as usual”. With an unparalleled level of objectivity and unconventional thinking processes, we develop strategies to help clients break the mold. 中文随着客观性和超常规的思维过程的无与伦比的层面,我们制定战略,把创意转变为现实

Creative Consulting, integrated Communications and Brand Strategy / Development is our forte and our focus is the Entertainment, Hospitality (F&B) and Travel / Tourism industries. Our clients are diverse and range from start-ups, small to mid-sized companies, Real Estate Developers and established businesses。 中文创意咨询,集成通信和品牌战略/发展是我们的强项,我们的重点是娱乐,餐饮(F&B)和旅游/旅游业。我们的客户是多种多样的,包括从初创企业,小到中型公司,房地产开发商和老牌企业。

forget clichés

We understand that the daily grind of running a business can be not only consuming, but also a drain. Individuals and organizations can easily get locked into a “box” that brings everything into a stage of stagnation and mediocrity. However, unlike the clichés and trendy buzz-words that all too many like to use, we don’t mind “boxes”. Why? Because they’re simply natural!

XoMoX is an organization’s “outsider”. Meaning, we come in to challenge establishment thinking patterns and the “status-quo” while not overpowering our client’s current system.

This enables clients to discover and plan ways to adapt or reformat their “box”. And if their “box” is simply too worn-out, we assist in creating a new, more updated and flexible one!

EAST ⇌ WEST bridge

• EB-5 investment for U.S.
• China sourcing & QC

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XoMoX is a non-establishment and our shop is also quite unique.

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