XoMoX delivers a comprehensive range of Creative-Consulting, Business Development, and Investment Sourcing services. Our clients are diverse and range from start-ups, to mid-sized companies and established businesses, and while we are not “exclusive” to them, we do focus heavily on the Hospitality, F&B, Travel, Entertainment and Life-Style related industries.

Our mission is to offer creative solutions to meet your marketing and communication needs while bringing a unique vision to reality. Contact us today to improve your business and maximize your returns!


Established in 1996 in New York City, XoMoX started out providing creative design and branding strategies mostly to clients in the music, fashion, entertainment, nightlife and hospitality industries. When the “Dot Com era” emerged, digital design and content creation became a major activity.

In 2004, XoMoX transplanted to Bangkok, Thailand. After a series of successful projects there, it settled in Shanghai where it has been since 2005 — continuously providing consulting and design services not only locally, but throughout the region and around the globe.

quintessentially unique process

With knowledge… we apply the power of Unconventional Thinking and a synthesis of Behavioral Sciences, Trend-Forecasting and Innovative Designs to assist our clients get beyond their current status quo to a new level of growth and opportunities.

Our approach & process is designed to first, understand your business. Meaning, deeply and thoroughly understand HOW & WHY you think and your customers think about your brand. Then, we work with you to take it to the next level by providing detailed information, assessments, support and designs in a variety of ways that meet your goals.

what is Trend-Forecasting?